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On the daily maintenance of sound equipment in home theater
Cammica audio - the maintenance and use of sound equipment in home cinemas are very particular. If it is not used properly, the speaker may be damaged

1. The normal working temperature of sound equipment in home theater should be 18 ℃ ~ 45 ℃. Too low temperature will reduce the sensitivity of some machines; If it is too high, it is easy to burn the components or make the components aging early. Avoid direct sunlight and avoid being close to heat sources.
2. After the audio equipment is used up, all function keys should be reset. If it is not reset for a long time, the pull button spring will be in the stress state for a long time, which is easy to cause dysfunction.
3. Before switching the audio power supply, turn the volume potential of the power amplifier to the minimum, which is the most effective protection means for the power amplifier and speaker.
4. When the sound equipment of the home theater is turned on from the front to the back, that is, turn on the CD player first, and then turn on the front and rear stages. When turning on, turn the volume potential of the power amplifier to the minimum. Turn off the power amplifier first to turn off the amplification function of the power amplifier completely. When you turn off the front-end equipment at this time, no matter how much impulse current is generated, it will not affect the power amplifier and speaker.
5. Home theater equipment should be used frequently. If it does not rotate for a long time, some parts will deform. When it is not used for a long time, especially in wet and high temperature seasons, it is best to power on for half an hour every day. In this way, the heat generated by the components in the machine can be used to drive away the moisture, so as to avoid the internal coil, speaker voice coil, transformer and other damp and mildew.
6. Clean the contact once every six months. Soon after the metal is exposed to the air, there will be oxidation on the surface. Even if the surface of the signal line plug is plated with gold, it will still be oxidized to a certain extent over time due to close contact with the body plug, so it should be cleaned every six months at most.
7. Don't connect the speaker cable with the power amplifier on, because the wiring posts of the speaker are generally very close, and the two speaker cables are closely parallel. When wiring, the speaker cable is often accidentally short circuited, and the consequence will be to quickly burn the power amplifier.
8. Try to avoid overlapping machines. The most important CD player and loudspeaker should be placed independently as far as possible, because overlapping placement will lead to harmonic vibration and affect the machine. When the loudspeaker plays music, the vibration of the air will make the home theater equipment follow the vibration, obscure the subtle information in the music, interfere with the transmission of various frequency bands, and cause a kind of sound pollution. Therefore, it is best to place all kinds of equipment in the home theater independently on a stable rack.



LCR840 on-wall speaker

LCR840 on-wall speaker

* AMT tweeter  * 8“ woofer glass fiber cone * MDF with PVC  finish, black aluminum front panel * Packing: EPE foam, giftbox, 4GB/M. carton * speaker size: 410*280*106mm *cut out size:383*253*95mm *packing size:482X360X236MM
mini 2.1 home theater system

mini 2.1 home theater system

cammica mini 2.1 surround sound speakers  ent design for good sound.  ABS speaker cabinet with UV paint tweeter : 20 mm silk dome tweeter woofer: 3.5 woofer, paper cone aluminum stand RMS power:20W x 2CH  subwoofer: SUB 1, 6.5 100W, wireless optional 监听音箱, 电脑音箱, 电视音箱, 蓝牙音箱
T1 HiFi turntable

T1 HiFi turntable

self design HiFi turntable  1. high gloss plinth with touch buttons  2. die-cast plat 3. aluminum tonearm 4. pick-up AUDIOTECHNICA 5.2 speed select: 33/45
MIDI 2.1 home cinema system

MIDI 2.1 home cinema system

cammica midi 2.1 surround sound speakers  ent design for good sound.  ABS speaker cabinet with UV paint tweeter : 25 mm silk dome tweeter woofer: 4.5 woofer, paper cone aluminum stand RMS power:50W x 2CH  subwoofer: SUB 1, 6.5 100W, wireless optional use for : home theater, PC speaker, TV sound, monitor speakers
R1 DAB/FM/Bluetooth radio

R1 DAB/FM/Bluetooth radio

high quality DAB FM radio LCD display DAB+/DAB/FM/RDS Battery: 2000uA size: 110 *110 *110 mm drive unit: 2.5 inch full range 
CL625 speaker

CL625 speaker

* 25mm silk dome tweeter  * 6.5 inch woofer glass fiber cone

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