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Cammica Audio: home Cinema Professional Customization Design and Installation One-stop Service
CAMMICA Audio, professional customized high-end faudio for private villa cinema

     Shenzhen Cammica Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Cammica Audio), with 23 years of industry customization experience, is a professional HIFI home theater audio OEM/ODM R&D manufacturer.

Company's factory address: 2nd Floor, No. 9, South Fourth Street, Xiangmang West Road, Qingxi Town, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province

Our products are fashionable and practical, with quality and value as the original design intention, creating high-cost audio products for customers!

Our products mainly include home audio, TV speakers, computer speakers, Bluetooth speakers, monitoring speakers, smart home theaters, HIFI speakers, speakers, CD machines, HIFI amplifiers, DABs, radios, phonographs and other products.

Kemeijia audio products take a new classic design concept. The products are mainly patented appearance design. Combined with their many years of electronic technology application experience, they make high-cost products.

At the same time, because of the protection of patents, the interests of distributors are better protected.

Cammica audio is only customized for people who know how to be good at it. Small stereo, large effect, intelligent voice control audio, wireless installation, listen to you and understand your stereo.

Cammica Audio focuses on the integrated design scheme for home cinema system 

凯美嘉 PA7350 7声道功放

After 10 years of research and development, Cammica Audio Company has created and integrated a series of multi-channel and high-power private luxury villa home theater audio customization systems.

凯美嘉 PA7350 7声道功放

Our amplifier ranges from 1 channel to up to 11 channels, each channel from 50 to 350W.

In order to cooperate with the family system, Cammica Audio specially cooperates with its own amplifier to create a complete speaker cinema system.

 main box: 6.5" subwoofer * 2 pieces, 25-core tweeters * 3

 center: 6.5" subwoofer * 2 pieces, 25-core tweeters * 2

Main box: 6.5" subwoofer * 1 piece, 25-core tweeter * 1

Subwoofer: 1000W power, 12" subwoofer * 2 pieces



LCR840 on-wall speaker

LCR840 on-wall speaker

* AMT tweeter  * 8“ woofer glass fiber cone * MDF with PVC  finish, black aluminum front panel * Packing: EPE foam, giftbox, 4GB/M. carton * speaker size: 410*280*106mm *cut out size:383*253*95mm *packing size:482X360X236MM
mini 2.1 home theater system

mini 2.1 home theater system

cammica mini 2.1 surround sound speakers  ent design for good sound.  ABS speaker cabinet with UV paint tweeter : 20 mm silk dome tweeter woofer: 3.5 woofer, paper cone aluminum stand RMS power:20W x 2CH  subwoofer: SUB 1, 6.5 100W, wireless optional 监听音箱, 电脑音箱, 电视音箱, 蓝牙音箱
T1 HiFi turntable

T1 HiFi turntable

self design HiFi turntable  1. high gloss plinth with touch buttons  2. die-cast plat 3. aluminum tonearm 4. pick-up AUDIOTECHNICA 5.2 speed select: 33/45
MIDI 2.1 home cinema system

MIDI 2.1 home cinema system

cammica midi 2.1 surround sound speakers  ent design for good sound.  ABS speaker cabinet with UV paint tweeter : 25 mm silk dome tweeter woofer: 4.5 woofer, paper cone aluminum stand RMS power:50W x 2CH  subwoofer: SUB 1, 6.5 100W, wireless optional use for : home theater, PC speaker, TV sound, monitor speakers
R1 DAB/FM/Bluetooth radio

R1 DAB/FM/Bluetooth radio

high quality DAB FM radio LCD display DAB+/DAB/FM/RDS Battery: 2000uA size: 110 *110 *110 mm drive unit: 2.5 inch full range 
CL625 speaker

CL625 speaker

* 25mm silk dome tweeter  * 6.5 inch woofer glass fiber cone

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