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How to adjust the sound in the home theater? Three points of equipment and seven points of environment
How to adjust the sound in the home theater? Three points of equipment and seven points of environment  -- from Cammica audio

In the home theater industry, I have often heard the saying that three parts of equipment and seven parts of environment. Let's explain it in detail today.
Let's start with the following seven environments:
Space environment plays an important role in the sound field tuning of private home theater. However, in real life, many people value audio equipment more than the environment. Subjective imagination believes that as long as there is good equipment, there will be good sound. But this is not the case. The impact of space environment on the sound of private home theater is far more than these players imagine. Good equipment can play a better sound quality through good space tuning. Here are three ways to help you use space to adjust the sound of your home theater.
1. Golden ratio
A suitable room is very important for the sound effect of the home theater. For the final sound effect of the home listening room, we try not to choose a square room or a room whose length on one side is an integral multiple of the length on the other side, otherwise you will find that serious resonance will occur when playing music and destroy the sound quality. So what kind of room is best for a private home theater? Try to choose rooms whose length ratio of length, height and width conforms to the golden section ratio, such as 1:1.25:1.6, 1:1.6:2.5 or 1:2.5:3.2 and rooms close to this ratio. At the same time, When decorating the sound system of private cinemas, we also need to simply transform those out of proportion parts, so that the proportion of the room can meet the above proportion requirements as far as possible, so as to lay the initial foundation for the perfection of the final sound effect.
In addition, it is recommended not to add other furniture in the room except necessary supplies and seats. Because in the case of limited room volume, the net space of the room can be expanded without adding other furniture, which is convenient to create a grand sound field.
2. Skillfully tune with furniture
If you have to put furniture, you can also use furniture to tune. Try to choose furniture with simple shape and small size, and its material can choose cloth or leather sofa. Such furniture has little impact on the sound field of the listening room. In addition, reasonable selection of sound-absorbing and diffusion materials is also very important. When decorating the wall of home theater, we should choose materials with sound-absorbing and diffusion functions. In addition, the layout of furniture also plays a certain role in the change of sound quality. Thicker curtains can absorb a large number of medium and high tones, so as to increase the softness of sound and reduce reverberation. Using thinner hanging curtains can make the medium and high tones of sound vivid.
Large furniture can affect the indoor low-frequency response, such as the position change of large soft sofa and other furniture, which can significantly change the indoor bass effect. For the essential connecting line, we can embed it during decoration. The power supply circuit of the home theater sound equipment needs to be wired separately. The home theater sound equipment should not share a line with the power supply circuit of other electrical appliances as far as possible to ensure that the sound quality of the theater will not be affected.
3. Dim light is good for listening
For private home cinemas, in fact, moderately dim ambient light is very helpful to improve the appreciation effect of private home cinemas. We can install a low brightness lamp below 15W on the side of the equipment and keep away from each other as far as possible. In order to facilitate operation, ceiling lamps can be installed at appropriate positions in the listening room. Fluorescent lamps must not be selected. The ballast AC sound of fluorescent lamps will produce certain noise interference. In addition, we should also try to isolate the interference of external light. In order to block the sunlight or other outdoor light, the window can be equipped with curtains, shutters, etc. the curtain material can be dark thick dense fabric. If shutters are selected, the shading type should be selected.
Small room acoustics is a complex system. If we want to get a better acoustic environment, we also need professional design. Through the design and adjustment of the system, private home cinemas will gain more perfect sound effects.
Let's talk about three-point equipment:
It's hard to say in detail that the tuning equipment is comprehensive, and the debugging methods of each brand are also different. Here's just one move. If you want the sound to play a shocking effect, the debugging of the subwoofer is very important.
Subwoofer usually has some basic control and adjustment parameters that need to be adjusted, mainly including frequency division point, volume, phase, etc., which are explained one by one below:
1. Frequency division point
Adjust the low-pass filter of the subwoofer according to the type of the main speaker in the home theater. The main speaker is large. You can set the frequency division point between 60Hz and 80Hz only by allowing the lowest frequency part of the signal to be expressed through the subwoofer; If the volume of the main speaker is medium, the division point of the low-pass filter can be set slightly higher, for example, between 80Hz and 100Hz; The main speaker is very small. It is best to set the frequency division point as high as possible (usually 120Hz to 150Hz).
2. Volume
The rules of different frequency bands of home theater affecting the perceived loudness of human ears:
1) . at the point where the frequency value f = 1000 Hz, the loudness value is equal to the value of the corresponding sound pressure level.
2) At 3000 Hz, this frequency region is the auditory sensitive area of human ear. Therefore, when mixing, increase the sound level in this frequency band and the overall loudness will increase significantly.
3) In the frequency band of F < 1000 Hz, the auditory sensitivity decreases. In other words, to make the home theater sound reach the medium and low frequency sound with the same loudness as 1000 Hz, there must be a higher sound pressure level.
4) In the low-frequency area with F < 100Hz, if the sound pressure level increases a little, the low-frequency loudness will increase obviously immediately, but if it decreases a little, the bass will be lost immediately.
5) In the high-frequency area with F > 5KHz, the changes of sound pressure level and loudness of home theater sound are basically the same. However, when the sound frequency exceeds 7kHz, the sensitivity will be reduced to a certain extent.
It is worth noting that the subwoofer should not be turned on too much. Even when watching a large film, it should be turned on to a moderate volume, which must not exceed 2 / 3 of the total volume. When listening to music, you can't make too much volume, which will lead to serious distortion of your listening effect.
3. Phase
As a form of vibration wave, sound is periodic, so there is the concept of phase. The purpose of subwoofer phase adjustment is to have the same phase with the main speaker, so as not to offset the sound and produce a more harmonious sound. In this way, the comprehensive sound effect of the main speaker / subwoofer is more balanced.
Changing the phase will have both positive and negative effects on the acoustic sound effects you hear in the listening room, so that the sound effects you hear in the listening position will be different.
Finally, it should be said that in fact, the sound debugging of the cinema is not so difficult. You can carefully read the design manual and product description and adjust it slowly, as long as you don't damage the sound field. The most important thing is that you should be patient. If you are patient enough, you are not afraid of bad adjustment.
All the above are personal experience and views. If there are deficiencies, you are welcome to add the home theater audio website link
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